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Posted 8 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

We are looking for an IT System Manager for one of our clients in the Pharma Industry.
HR DD&IT is in the process of creating an updated overview of (1) its IT system landscape and (2) current and future initiatives in the intersection of P&O and DD&IT.

Part 1 is to create an overview of systems (global and local in the beforementioned intersection) as well as the associated license costs and contracts (incl. their structures) in order to spot areas for optimization across the system portfolio.

Part 2 is to link this system overview to current and future initiatives in our area as well as to the overall strategic ambitions in both P&O and DD&IT. This work is to conceptualize priorities and for management to better prioritize work efforts and understand interdependencies across the portfolio.

We need a consultant to help us with this work

Partly to consolidate what we have and partly to collect new and currently-missing information.

Top Skills
IT system management Portfolio management