Partner & Fleet Alignment Lead

Posted 10 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

Securing the handover of Partner contracts and tasks (se tasks below) related to them from Car Service & repair & Customer Engagement.
The scope also includes streamlining current set-up and processes where needed + working closely with CX Operations Management team to secure we stay on target and produce decision-based data from the partners. Making sure we build alignment with our Fleet department.
When current employee responsible is back from pertinently leave, a handover from the consultant is needed.

Work tasks
Drive regular meetings with RSA supplier, CEC-outsources and markets to drive initiatives.
Report RSA, and CEC related performances. Follows up on KPIs based on requests from management.
Respond to price increase suggestion.
Collaborate with our global and local fleet departments, building processes that align with our shared customer journey’s.
Secure that Polestar and Suppliers follow the legal requirements and have structured processes for LSA and DPA.
Secure the set-up of partners for new market expansions.
Secure technical solution and E2E testing
Secure fault tracing process and RASIC management alignment
Report status to operational steering committees
Secure training and translation for suppliers
Support markets in estimating Purchase Orders

Main responsibilities
The role works closely with the outsourced call-centres and RSA partners. It aligns with the local
markets to ensure consistency of performance across our global customer experience operations.
Ensures best practices are shared across markets and partners. The role also aligns with our
internal global and local fleet departments to harmonize working practices from a customer
experience perspective Responsible for maintaining and updating contracts with outsourced
partners. Responsible for updating partner budgets on an annual basis. Setting the governance and
performance structure with partners and markets, and maintaining close alignment with the fleet
regarding objectives, activities, and messaging. Participate in in-housing projects and potential
market expansion projects.

Managing the existing tasks in the current role.
Seek out and drive efficiency projects where possible.
Set up KPI’s (and communicate targets) for all partners and PSU’s
Set up an alignment between CX and Fleet
Make sure we stay on budget with Partners.
Create digital documentation for handover.

Top Skills
Excellent communication skills
Experience from working in international settings, with English as the company language.
Structured and good at paying attention to detail.
Administration skills
Performance Mgmt skills
Analytical and problem-solving skills
Good industry knowledge and a willingness to keep up with trends.
Financial planning, business acumen
Customer focus

Other skills
Good relations building skills

The team
A newly formed team with different orientations, a total of 18 members who are now getting to know each other.
The team consists of both senior and junior specialists in Retail, Customer Engagement,
Referral, Lead & Performance Mgmt.
The consultant who joins will belong to a workforce of 5 people in senior positions, who reports directly to the Senior Experience Operations Manager, and who jointly drives the task of intertwining these teams to find synergies.
The consultant has no direct reports of his/her own but is responsible for ensuring that our partners recruit the right profiles, with the right skillset.