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Posted 8 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

The ID SW Developer will join the automotive software development team, creating new in-cabing occupant sensing features improving occupant safety and comfort. The main sensor input is 60 GHz radar solutions and secondarily also IR cameras. The radar sensors can replace existing seat sensors (seat belt reminder) and ultrasonic sensors (alarm). They are also used to detect small human body movements like sleeping baby mm level breast movements.
In-cabin radars can also be used to classify the size of the occupant (baby, 1 year, 3 year, 6 year …..) and body position (forward or rearward facing).
The associated software algorithms based in radar inputs are developed locally in Sweden in close collaboration with our local customers.
The software end customer features are introduced continuously according to the customer’s agile functionality roll-out plans.

Our software development team’s daily work is following the Automotive-SPICE process framework in order to deliver Interior Detection SW modules to our main SW development team in Japan which integrates all software modules and makes official software releases to our customers together with the interior detection radar hardware. Our SW development team in Gothenburg consists of a project leader, SW developers and tech lead. We develop the interior detection software algorithms from the conceptual ideas for how to implement “customer interior detection features”, via rapid prototyping software tested in demo cars, to customer demonstrations and feature performance acceptance to the final design and implementation. This means that our team is involved in the complete process from (often based on our own ideas) feature specification to mass production in vehicle carlines. The team works with unit testing tools, build and deployment tools like Git, Jenkins, SVN etc and as a SW developer you are responsible for the unit testing of your own code, the implementation and deployment.

Top Skills
Discuss and align interior detection requirements within the team and with customer.
Discuss and outline possible ways of interior detection algorithm concepts within the team and with our radar sensor provider.
Optimize radar sensor positions within the cabin for best sensor performance and cabin coverage.
Take part in building rapid prototyping multi-radar installations in the demo cars for collecting data and for making performance evaluation tests of newly developed algorithms. Coding is often made in Python.
Join the development of mass production intended embedded software (the interior detection software modules) according to the Automotive-SPICE process. Programming is carried out in ANSI-C.
Collaborate with other sites when it comes to software integration, final testing and release to customer.
Manage agile software releases (“engineering drops”) to local customers on a weekly or monthly basis to meeting their needs for continuous functional growth.

Develop in-house
A team player. Building and working as an efficient team is very rewarding and it requires team player skills and team focus.
Lifelong learning attitude. Learning from others and to share knowledge with others in a team.
Graduate in Software Engineering
A few year’s experience in embedded programming
Git flow and Git based working environments.
SW unit testing and test driven development (TDD)
Some knowledge within electronics. Don’t need to be capable of detail electronic circuit design but must understand sw/hw interfaces in detail.
Structured working habits in order to systematically manage requirements-design-implementation-test-release both within a traditional A-SPICE context and within an agile development context.
Knowledge in ANSI-C and Python.
Sincere interest in algorithm development design patterns and implementation.
Pragmatic mindset when it comes to rapid prototyping and concept development.

Merital skills
“Driver seat attitude”. Can identify what needs to be done and takes the initiative to propose potential solutions and way-of-working.
Social skills to explain problems, elaborate on solutions etc. both with in-house stakeholders in the team and in Japan and also with our customer interfaces. Achieve win-win results.
Multi-tasking capability needed since we work on several projects simultaneously and often develop concept/product/tools in parallel.
Capability of “system understanding” to judge the best combination of hardware and software in a technical solution and how our products operate on a vehicle architecture level.
Innovative mindset, bot to solve “impossible” obstacles in the daily work but also to come up with new software feature ideas and even completely new products to be developed within the local team (we have several examples of such success stories).
Team player that can assist other team members in the daily work to overcome bottlenecks.
Driver license B