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Posted 1 year ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

We looking for a Calibration Engineer.
We believe that you have a genuine interest of working within testing and optimization of diesel engines and we expect that you have both the knowledge of fundamental combustion theory and experience of developing Diesel Engines.

About us:
Marine Engine Testing and Calibration within Product Development is responsible for testing and optimization of both Hardware and Software regarding performance, emission and durability of all our Marine Diesel Engines from 2 to 16 liters.
The department is today about 15 Engineers working in different projects.

As a Calibration Engineer, you will be responsible for delivering test and optimization tasks. You will be a part of a project team within the Marine Development and Calibration team.

Main tasks and responsibilities:
Optimization tasks can be all from a sensor linearization to final complete engine software setting for production. You will be responsible for delivering the optimization for a specific engine.
We use advanced tools such as ENE and DoE for screening and calibration.
Other tools used are ATI Vision (calibration and data acquisition), DTECS (our specific Development Tool for Embedded Control Systems), Concerto (a generic data post-processing and evaluation tool) etc.
Tests and optimization tasks can be run both in test cells and in real applications such as off road vehicles.

We look for a team member who is interested in Product Development in general, but preferably towards testing and optimization of diesel engines. Since the job consists of a net of contacts internally and externally, your networking skills are highly valued.

• Your CV should contain listed qualifications in academic degrees B.Sc. or M.Sc.
• Several years of experience in diesel engine development.
• You should be able to communicate in both English and Swedish
• Have a valid driving license.