Database Admin

Posted 8 months ago by Mathew Edwards
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

We are in search of an experienced Database Administrator (DBA) to join our team, with a primary focus on SQL proficiency. In this role, your responsibility will be to design, implement, and maintain our database systems, ensuring their optimal performance, security, and reliability. Additionally, you will contribute to the development of our .NET application that interacts seamlessly with these databases, solidifying your role as a key member of our software development team.

Your Responsibilities:

Database Administration:
Your core responsibility centers around designing, constructing, and maintaining our databases (e.g., SQL Server) to ensure efficient data storage and retrieval.

This includes fine-tuning database performance, safeguarding data integrity, and swiftly resolving issues, including proactive incident handling.

You will also oversee the development of robust backup and recovery plans.

SQL Development:
Your role will require you to craft intricate SQL queries, stored procedures, and functions that facilitate operations and reporting.

Collaborating closely with our development team, you will seamlessly integrate databases.

.NET Development (Nice-to-Have):
If you possess .NET development skills, you will have the opportunity to create, test, and maintain C# .NET applications.
This includes developing components related to data access layers and APIs, enhancing our software solutions.

Your documentation will encompass database architecture and procedural processes.
This position places the utmost importance on SQL database administration, emphasizing
efficient data management, application development, and proactive incident resolution to ensure seamless operations.

Who You Are:

We seek an individual with a robust background in SQL Server database administration, including design, optimization, and maintenance. Proficiency in SQL programming is essential.

Desired Qualifications:
Experience in database security, backup, and recovery strategies, as well as a knack for troubleshooting complex issues, is highly desirable.
Possession of relevant certifications (e.g., Microsoft Certified Database Administrator) would be advantageous.

If you have a proven track record in these areas and are enthusiastic about combining database administration with potential .NET development, we encourage you to apply for this versatile and exciting role. Join us and make a significant impact on our database systems and the potential for .NET applications.