Java backend engineer

Posted 1 year ago by Marita Ellberg
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The client is moving forward with several different tracks and one important initiative for them is to extend the DMP to the US market. There is a specific RFP that was conducted and a new supplier was found, which brings the need for them to expand/generalise their foundation to support this new supplier. This extra resource is being requested to aid in that initiative.


The scope of your services is to assist our client in expanding their Java-based products and integrations to support expansion of DMP to US market given the new rented solution.


The requirements for this role is that you are a well seasoned Java Backend Engineer with knowledge of :

  • APIs,
  • CI/CD and automation,
  • Quarkus,
  • Observability and Alerting.
  • You also need to be experienced with the Engineering Best practices, cloud based development with Kubernetes and Terraform.


The most important requirements for this role is knowledge about API, Kubernetes and Java.