Senior Fullstack Engineer

Posted 8 months ago by Marita Ellberg
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The client Volvo Cars are looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer / TypeScript/React.

Would you like to be part of an amazing organisation serving one of the core areas of the Volvo Cars business? Do you have passion for improving developer experience? Keep reading.

You will be part of the Developer Experience organisation with the mission to create great developer experience by providing platform products that support high performance & productivity for software engineers. For Volvo Cars, every software engineer and software team at Volvo Cars is a potential customer, and they are obsessed with understanding their customers and how they can help them to be successful and productive.


What you’ll do:


Volvo Cars is seeking an experienced, design minded, Senior Full Stack Engineer with experience in TypeScript and React to join the team and help build Volvo Cars’ internal developer portal using open-source software. The internal developer portal will be the central hub for internal developers, unifying infrastructure tooling, services, and developer documentation.

Volvo Cars sees that with your background, you are easily up to speed with plugin development on Backstage, if you are not already. You will develop and maintain a set of core plugins for the Backstage app at Volvo Cars. You will also design the developer experience and life cycling of plugins for other teams contributing to the portal, making it easy to create, debug, test, release and lifecycle plugins.

You will be a member of an agile team capturing and completing work using backlog items and tasks on a sprint basis. You will work closely with your team to build up the development portal. You will also be responsible for maintaining and updating the portal as new tools and resources are added as well as supporting the users.




  • You have a strong background in web development which includes knowing the principles and best practices, and you are an expert in writing clean, efficient, and well documented code.
  • Volvo Cars sees that you are proficient in TypeScript and React as well as Git and GitHub and are excellent in problem-solving and debugging.
  • You’re a person with an architectural mindset and have a very good understanding of DevOps, GitOps and Platform Engineering.
  • You are an excellent communicator, have proficient writing skills and a great ability to work in a team environment. Volvo Cars is an agile team and see that you are familiar with agile development methodologies.
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent and at least 3 years of experience as a Software engineer.




  • If you have experience or are familiar with, including building and maintaining.


The team is located in Gothenburg, Torslanda and onsite approx. 3 days every week.