Hardware Engineer : Jönköping

Posted 4 months ago by Marie Johansson
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The Hardware Engineer will be responsible for electronic construction within the division, focusing on the design of PCBs for new products and improvements to existing products in maintenance projects. The role involves creating prototypes, conducting lab tests, adjustments and overseeing the transition to mass production with component manufacturers.


Examples of Work Tasks:

  • Designing PCBs for control units in both battery and combustion engine products.
  • Developing user interfaces (HMI) – display and buttons.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams and various departments.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements and regulations, with support from the department.
  • Collaborating with suppliers, creating Gerber files and providing production test support.
  • Serving as an expert in supplier meetings alongside Lead Engineer and Procurement.
  • Delivering complete production documentation to suppliers, including BOM and PTS.
  • Collaborating with System Engineering to align with project requirements.
  • Handling end-of-life processes for components and introducing new components.
  • Building prototypes, supporting certifications, and managing tight deadlines.
  • Leading cost improvement initiatives and addressing product issues related to the hardware.
  • Working on projects for minor adjustments and major commitments, requiring senior expertise.


Required competence

  • Knowledge and experience in power electronics for control units.
  • Experience in UI/HMI (User Interface/Human Machine Interface).
  • Degree in Electronic Engineering with experience in electronic construction. Hands-on experience in a laboratory setting.
  • Experience in the development of high-volume products. Strong communication and collaboration skills.
  • Experience in frequent contact with suppliers / customers.
  • Experience in new product development. Familiarity with OrcadElectric (meritorious).