Machine Learning Engineer

Posted 1 month ago by Marie Johansson
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

•     Experience with scikit-learn, including model training, evaluation and prediction, feature engineering and hyper parameter tuning

•     Experience with building and optimizing machine learning pipelines with tools such as Vertex AI or Kubeflow

•     Experience with building and optimizing data pipelines with tools such as Dataflow

•     Experience with discrete optimization (nice to have)


Software Engineering

•     Deep knowledge of Python, standard lib, popular packages, and tooling

•     Experience with writing clear and idiomatic code, following best practices

•     Experience with working with legacy code

•     Experience with testing (unit, integration and end-to-end), using tools such as pytest



•     Working knowledge of Linux and Google cloud

•     Experience with Docker and Kubernetes

•     Experience with GitHub actions and Terraform


Soft skills:

•     Can do attitude, always trying to solve something alone first

•     Knows when to use Google/ChatGPT/Stack overflow and when to engage other team members

•     Can explain complex concepts in a straightforward way to both tech and non-tech stakeholders


Required cloud certification: GCP MLE