AI & ML Specialist

Posted 4 weeks ago by Marie Johansson
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

AI & ML Specialist
Our client wants to ramp up their AI and Cloud capability and need consultants to boost this journey. They have a couple of interesting user cases for their new AI solution and are looking for an AI&ML Specialist with NLP focus.



Senior data scientist with over 5 years of experience as a data scientist specialising in NLP and Language Technology.

Experienced in Python, Jupyter, Scikit Learn, spaCy
Experienced in LLMs, Gen AI, ‘Chatbots’
Understands RAG, embeddings.
Experienced in semantic search.

Experienced in NLP
word vectors, tokenization
Entity extraction & linking
Metadata retrieval
Knowledge graphs
Multimodal inputs, text & voice
Preferably multilingual inputs – capable of optimize solution for individual languages.

Experienced in data analysis and visualization.
Experienced in prompt engineering & LLM evaluation.
Experienced in finetuning foundation models.
Experienced in building data pipelines for Big Data and managing Big Data.
Experienced in using human feedback in development of models/AI
Experienced in AI&ML cloud resources.
Preferably experienced in modern development tools: Git and Docker