Scrum Master

Posted 5 months ago by Marie Johansson
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Do you want to take the teams to the next level, love to network, learn new things and be in the heart of an organization?

Picture this: you are in a crowded room or busy hybrid setting with one of your two teams, which each consist of 7-9 people. Your teams are running and building several complex platform services that power the rest of the Wireless Car software stack, and they’ve been given the trust to make the decisions that are best for those services. So yes – you work with two teams, in close collaboration with the PO and a lead role which both work with the same teams. And of course, you and your teams work together with other teams throughout the company to support customer deliveries

The organization surrounding your teams is on an exciting journey to improve the platform so it can support Wireless Car’s future strategy, while keeping all the current systems running 24/7. It’s a changing, dynamic organization working closely together to improve both deliveries and way of working. Beyond this, there is the larger Wireless Car organization with lots of Scrum Masters in other areas, a lively Scrum Master CoP and a flat, open organization where support and inspiration is just a Slack message away.

The teams and organization are actively changing, so your main focus will be to support the teams in this change and to work with the evolving organization so it best supports your teams. There are many opportunities and great freedom to contribute, and they look forward to hearing your thoughts and your interests and passions as a senior Scrum Master!

WirelessCar offers you

A great place to learn and grow with other Scrum Master colleagues and a Line Manager that will support and coach you on your journey.
Focus on working with a team/product with colleagues with varied experiences and different backgrounds.
A wider context, a delivery, where you’ll interact with other teams and functional leaders and find synergies and improvements together.
A senior Scrum Master role which gives you the chance to sharpen and expand your skills, including mentorship and peer-coaching, and to work as an agile coach on different levels.

Who are you

You are a great human being, and your values resonate with the company culture and spirits that the company lives by. You are brave, you are kind, you dare to do the right thing.

You create psychological safety and help teams develop to be their best. You love to coach people, work with feedback loops and have experience of group dynamics and handling conflicts.
You have a learning mindset, meaning that you go after new inspiration for yourself and share inspiration with others in the organization.
You understand that there are many different frameworks and models of how to work with agility and flow – and you know how to adapt to different situations by using a pragmatic approach to make the work fit organization and delivery.
You have been working as a Scrum Master before and have had other leading roles in your career.
You understand what an organization is about and are looking for a new opportunity with interesting challenges, strong ownership, and the freedom to set up and explore new ways of working together with your team.
You believe strongly in the Agile principles and methods, but also understand and have experience working with people who sometimes are skeptical to this

WirelessCar believes that you bring

Academic degree within Computer Science, Engineering or similar relevant experience. Several years of solid professional experience in the area and in the role Servant Leadership

Fluent English, in both speech and writing
Experience of DevOps, Agile and SAFe methodologies
Great communication skills and coaching skills
Leading yourself and the ability to adapt your approach/work to different team constellations and maturity stages.
Experience working with multiple teams and in a fluid and developing organizational setup