Data Engineer with strong Python skills

Posted 8 months ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

You will work with our clients agile Inventory Management System team together with eight other colleagues. They are working on implementing our new browser-based inventory system, Mosaic, from Titian software company. As part of this team, you are going to transfer data from their old system to Mosaic, build and improve the toolkit the team is currently using and optimise performance. You will be in touch with different laboratory teams in Denmark and US regularly, to ensure business consistency and continuity. Finally, you will collaborate with business analysts and developers in the team to share knowledge and develop new solutions.

Technologies we use:

Shell (bash) scripting
AWS and ADO Cloud
Oracle database
Oracle SQL Developer
Toad – Software

Responsibilities and skills:

Create and maintain (git repositories) our Python libraries and scripts.
Be able to deploy to Cloud (AWS and ADO) through CI/CD pipelines.
Test software and its integration with other software and databases
Debug/create CI/CD pipelines at will (YAML, Shell, Azure CLI).
Work with DB developers in connection with Oracle DB, SQL and PL/SQL.
Create and optimise efficient, maintainable Python code.
Govern data imports/exports (synchronise data) between various databases with Python and REST APIs.
Train and handover principles of programming, in particular Python, to our clients employees.
Be able to work in highly changeable organisation.
Communicate and collaborate with various teams and engineers.

Expected experience:

Knowledge of Python programming (fluency is essential)
Knowledge of integration and deployment in AWS and ADO (essential).
Ability to create software packages (libraries) with Python programming language (essential).
Source control with git (essential).
Knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry (not essential)
Knowledge of Oracle DB, SQL and PL/SQL (not essential beyond fundamental understanding).
Be able to communicate in English (business language at our client)
Be able to train other software developers in the above skills