Data Platform Specialist (Sprinklr)

Posted 7 months ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

Sprinklr Data Platform currently serves the Social Media data needs.
Your role will be to ensure that data is seamlessly integrated into the central data platforms, undergoes transformation into Gold table layers within AWS (DataBricks), and is visualized beyond the confines of Sprinklr.

Assignment 1
Make data from Sprinklr available in the AWS Databricks solution, prepare the data and setup a Gold data layer.

Assignment 2
Visualize Sprinklr data in PowerBi based on stakeholder input.

Your tasks will encompass the following:
Utilizing Sprinklr or similar Social Media listening tools.
Active participation in workshops and meetings with business stakeholders to guarantee alignment and the capture of requested data.
Development, deployment, and maintenance of data pipelines (ETL).
Configuration and setup of Data Lake/Data Warehouse.
Development of data acquisition code.
Execution of development tasks using Databricks, Databricks workflow, AWS, and Github.
Utilization of languages such as SQL, Python, and Spark for development.
Contribution to the build and design of Data sets/Data Lake/Data Warehouse.
Delivery of data acquisition logic employing tools like Fivetran and in-house Python development.
Sourcing of raw data through data pipelines.
Creation and development of data models and the distribution of silver and gold layers.

Top Skills
Profound expertise in ETL tools, data architecture, DevOps, and related tooling.
Deep understanding of data pipelining, data transformation, and data model design.
A proven track record of development and successful deliveries using the aforementioned technologies.
Experience across all facets of the data supply chain, from prototyping to business process implementation.