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Posted 2 months ago by Cyrus Bandani
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Job Description

As a Software engineer, you will be responsible for developing, customizing, and maintaining SAP Hybris solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Your primary focus will be on implementing and enhancing e-commerce platforms, ensuring seamless integration with backend systems, and optimizing performance.

Key Responsibilities:

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and translate them into technical solutions within the SAP Hybris framework.

Design, develop, and deploy customizations, extensions, and integrations to enhance the functionality of SAP Hybris-based applications.

Perform code reviews, debugging, and troubleshooting to ensure high-quality code and resolve issues promptly.

Stay updated with the latest SAP Hybris features, best practices, and industry trends to continuously improve development processes and deliver innovative solutions.

Provide technical guidance and support to junior developers, fostering a collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment within the team.

Soft Skills:

Strong communication skills to effectively interact with stakeholders and articulate technical concepts to non-technical audiences.

Problem-solving mindset with the ability to approach complex challenges creatively and methodically.

Adaptability to work in a fast-paced environment and manage multiple priorities while maintaining attention to detail.

Team player attitude with a willingness to collaborate, share knowledge, and contribute to the collective success of the team.

Customer-centric mindset focused on delivering solutions that exceed client expectations and drive business outcomes.

Join our team as a SAP Hybris Developer and leverage your technical expertise and soft skills to deliver impactful solutions that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.