GitHub Platform Engineer

Posted 2 months ago by Cyrus Bandani
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Job Description

As a valuable member of the Developer Experience team at Group IT, you will serve as a senior contributor, tasked with both enhancing a world-class developer experience and improving on a solid GitHub platform that fosters autonomy and embraces inner-source methodologies.

This is a short-term engagement aimed at boosting the team’s productivity to meet tough deadlines before summer. Therefore, it is essential that you possess expertise in both developer experience enhancement and the operation and administration of GitHub within an enterprise context.

Given that the teams supported by the Developer Experience team utilize a large set of technologies and programming languages, we are seeking candidates with a strong engineering foundation and comprehensive full-stack capabilities.

The Developer Experience team plays a pivotal role in driving modern development practices across all of the client. This role offers an exceptional opportunity to make a tangible and significant contribution to the ongoing transformation.

Skill requirements

  • Worked with several of the larger programing languages (E.g DotNet, Java, TypeScript, Python, Go…) in a professional context.
  • Have previous experience of working in a platform team in an enterprise organization.
  • Have previous experience of working with developer experience in an enterprise organization.
  • Have experience as an of GitHub configured with Enterprise Managed Users.
  • Have worked with at least one of the major cloud providers (preferably Azure) and cloud native technologies.
  • Have a good understanding of working with applications interacting with Entra ID



  • Knowledge – high generalist competence, or very high competence in the current role.
  • Experience – has carried out complex tasks within current role and implements
  • Consulting service with very high quality.
  • Management – takes primary responsibility for management of a larger group.
  • Independence – very big.