Software Integration & Release Leader – Roof Zone Module

Posted 2 months ago by Cyrus Bandani
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Job Description

They are a group of engineers with lot of energy and great collaboration working together on delivering Overhead console and reading lamps including technology to detect people inside the car.
Roof Zone Module group is a part of Interior Trim & Systems department consisting of approximately 130 engineers organized into groups developing components and functions within the following areas: Internal Perception, Interior Lighting, Acoustics & Floor, Compartment Trim & Overhead system, Accessories & Special Vehicles and Roof Zone Module.


  • Play a crucial role as a Software Integration & Release Leader in realizing various functionalities.
  • Lead the product team responsible for enabling and quality assuring functionality on the Overhead Console (OHC) and sub nodes (OHRX).
  • Collaborate with a wide variety of stakeholders to find optimal solutions.
  • Lead a team comprising System Design Engineers, Software Developers, Software Responsible, Software Test Engineers, System Safety Engineer, and Electrical Hardware Engineer to deliver an excellent product experience to the end customer.
  • Focus on planning and coordinating team activities to ensure integration, verification, and release of functionality to car programs according to vehicle timing plans.
  • Contribute to strategic work towards test automation, SW system design, and functional growth.
  • Take responsibility for the team’s software deliveries/releases and status reporting to the organization.
  • Plan and synchronize deliveries cross-functionally.
  • Manage risk effectively by prioritizing, escalating, and tracking impediments.
  • Guide and support the team in continuous improvement efforts to increase efficiency.



  • Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree in Electronics, Software, Mechatronics, or equivalent education.
  • Fundamental knowledge of the software development process: requirements, system design, implementation, verification, and release of functionality.
  • Team lead experience, project management skills, systematic skills, and a strategic mindset.


Desired Attributes:

  • Enjoyment of working in a changing environment that motivates you positively.
  • Understanding of business value and the ability to process information and prioritize tasks accordingly.
  • Possession of a project management mindset, taking responsibility for team and personal commitments.
  • Strong communication, collaboration, and personal drive to initiate and drive tasks towards targets are key skills for success.