Senior / Expert Embedded Software Integration Engineer

Posted 2 months ago by Cyrus Bandani
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Job Description

Team´s purpose
In short, the ECU suppliers only supply the circuit boards, connectors and housing. The team develop and/or configure the software needed to make the ECU run (operating system and the device drivers). The team also develop and provide a software framework that is used to write tests for ECUs in V3 rigs (component rigs), as well as write tests for system requirements on ECU level.

Develop and configure the software platform

– Makes the microcontroller work
– Platform provides common software interface for applications to ECU inputs and outputs regardless of which ECU (see list of ECUs below)
– Provides diagnostics (error detection) on ECU outputs
– Provides self-diagnostics and error mitigation/recovery for ECU itself
– Team provides support and instructions to application developers on how to use the platform

Configure boot loaders and provide to ECU suppliers

Review supplier circuit board design together with CSDSPM train
– Co-ordinate design between suppliers of our ECUs (Actia, Yazaki, ZF)
– Component evaluation and selection
– Verify that input and output circuitry works as expected on prototype hardware (A samples, B samples)

Provide ECU releases
– Handle ECUs in software version and management systems (i.e. create needed structure in Volvo Tools like KOLA and Software Configurator)
– Bring together new application changes, new CAN database versions, new platform changes and trigger build of new ECU packages/releases
– Working on automating this area (currently this done manually by the team)

Develop and maintain V3 test framework
– Used for writing V3 tests by the team and application teams

Create and execute tests for system requirements
– Read system requirements and create tests that verify compliance, e.g. regarding diagnostic CAN communication

We are looking for a person that delivers the team´s scope and the immediately focus will be on two last areas connected to testing.

Professional profile
• A person passionate about embedded systems and specifically software
• Capable to analyze and apply knowledge on not fully given frames. The product and procedures are given; however, the work requires experience and the capacity to perform analysis and draw conclusions from thousands of puzzle pieces in complex embedded system solution
• Eager to take operational responsibility in the day-to-day work and not hesitating to collaborate to get things done
• You have very good programming skills in C++ in embedded environment and “hands-on” experience working with complex embedded software solution/design
• Interested in automation, CI and CD
• Service mindset to provide a help in building a concrete code level plan and activities to fulfil functional safety requirements
• Excellent hands on experience working with ISO 26262 standard for embedded systems

Beneficial qualifications
• Good education in Software Engineering, Computer engineering, Electrical engineering or equivalent
• Experience of working with real-time embedded systems
• Good experience with CI environment, GIT, Jenkins
• Experience in agile development
• Experience with Adaptive AUTOSAR and related tools is a big advantage

What you will get in return?
• Opportunity to be to be part of a highly skilled team responsible for defining, developing and maintaining platform software and associated toolchains for trucks around the world
• You will be part of an agile team and engaged in various developmental activities with excellent opportunity to grow intellectually