Blockchain architect

Posted 9 months ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

We are currently looking for Java architect with an extended reach in HLF/blockchain.

The ideal candidate has:

• Experience in Java and microservices based architectures in Spring boot.

• Experience in Event Driven Architectures, based on Kafka

• Experience in container based architectures and orchestration technologies such as Kubernetes

• Experience in designing and implementing Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) based permissioned networks

• Experience in implementing and deploying chaincodes in the supported development languages (mainly focused in Java).

• Experience in designing and implementing automation solutions for the provisioning HLF networks and associated infrastructure components.

• Experience in defining architectures to manage large scale HLF based networks, define the governance across different organisations.

• Experience in working with HLF channels to segregate different networks.

• Experience in architecting higher level Decentralised Apps, on top of a Blockchain/HLF network.

• Experience in defining security architectures for managing the security of the Blockchain network and applications.

• Good understanding how HLF infrastructure components interact with a container orchestrator such as Kubernetes

• Good drafting and communication skills, as the architect will be communicating technical requirements to development teams and technical peers or participating IPOs.

Key skills are:

• Working with public cloud (Azure, AWS)

• Automation technologies (Ansible, Terraform)

• K8s native CI/CD tooling such as ArgoCD, Helm

• Experience in Go (focused in developing HLF chaincodes, or other types of tools)