TopTeam helps H&M with Expert Tech Consultants

TopTeam, a leader in innovative engineering solutions, is proud to announce its latest collaboration with Aurobay, a pioneering force in engine technology. Together, we have successfully enhanced Aurobay’s capabilities in software function development for engine control, particularly in hybrid engine technology.

A Milestone in Engine Control Software Development

This project marks a significant achievement in the development, testing, and validation of functions within the engine control software. Our collaboration has been instrumental in:

  • Developing advanced engine control software functions on Aurobay’s engine control platform.
  • Contributing to technical enhancements in the control software.
  • Executing comprehensive software tests both on the bench and in-vehicle under various conditions.
  • Analyzing and concluding test results to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Key Contributions and Innovations

TopTeam has acted as a critical contributor, especially in the realm of Hybrid Engine Control software development. Our role involved:

  • Close collaboration with Aurobay’s air charge calibration team.
  • Working in tandem with Senior software function developers at Aurobay to ensure the highest quality in software delivery.
  • Implementing cutting-edge practices in software development and testing, setting new standards in the industry.

Expertise and Skills Utilized

The success of this project can be attributed to the specialized skills and tools utilized, including:

  • Proficiency in Matlab/Simulink and Python for advanced software development.
  • Utilization of QTronics Silver/TestWeaver and INCA tools for precise testing and calibration.
  • Expertise in writing scripts for data analysis, demonstrating TopTeam’s technical agility.
  • Familiarity with calibration, measurements, optimization, and technical documentation.

Joining Forces for Technological Advancement

This collaboration is a testament to TopTeam’s commitment to driving innovation through strategic partnerships. By combining our expertise with Aurobay’s pioneering vision, we have set a new benchmark in software function development for engine control systems.

About TopTeam

TopTeam specializes in offering bespoke solutions in engineering and technological advancements. Our partnership with industry leaders like Aurobay reflects our dedication to excellence and innovation in the global engineering landscape.

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