Läs annonsen och anpassa varje ansökan utefter det unika uppdraget, skicka aldrig in generiska svar. Man måste bestämma sig:   
– Vill du verkligen detta? – Varför vill du detta – Vad vinner kunden på att ta in dig?

Hitta ett sätt där du särskiljer dig från mängden, där du på ett snyggt sätt lyfter dig själv och de egenskaper/kompetenser som är gynnsamma för uppdraget. Detta samtidigt utan att använda för mycket text, det är inte alla som har den möjligheten att utrycka sig i text –  det är därför vi finns för att guida dig till den perfekta ansökan!


(Uppdrag som Project Manager)

The candidates background and previous experience working in the telecom, finance, and retail sectors of IT is highly relevant to your needs. He is familiar with ICOM as a former Solution Owner of Integrations within IKEA IT. Also, very familiar with webMethods as a platform, and know the team well. The challenge ahead ties in neatly with his previous roles and experience

Senior Consultant with 20+ years within several industries such as finance, telecom and retail with focus on end-to-end driven IT projects and programs. Expert knowledge/experience in DevOps / Agile / ITIL / IT Compliance / IT Management / IT Service Management / IT Operations / Process Improvement / Configuration Management / Compliance Management / Infrastructure Integrations

In his previous assignment as Value Stream Owner at IKEA, the candidate worked with Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) also, coordinated the audit on the flow of information, information security, and innovation processes relevant to business-critical solutions on both ISO27001:2013 and GDPR compliancy with a solid Plan-Do-Check-Act approach. Findings which had been classified to a risk mapping according to CIA, were extracted from ISMS and reported to an Information Security Manager, who in turn reported to the Chief Information Security Officer. Findings were addressed in plans according to severity, activities executed, checked for completion along with evidence in ISMS. Innovation processes were also defined to adjusted, to ensure conformity in the future. As a member of the IKEA IT Board of Directors, and Ombudsman, a lot of GDPR questions spanning over the entire organization were processed over the course of time as well.


(Uppdrag som PC/Application Support)

“Support Specialist with long experience in service and support functions. He is used to work in an international setting and reporting to stakeholders in various positions, internal and external. Mathew is well versed in all aspects of service management and has worked according to ITIL, Providing Incident and Service Request Support (e.g. PC BreakFix or bulding of New PCs). In his last assignment as technical onsite PC/Application Support Specialist he worked in a mixed Win7/Win10 Environment with mainly Lenovo Hardware and has over 10 years’ experience in the field.

Mathew is used to working under strict NDA, high security and speaks / writes fluent Swedish & English.

Extensive experience from healthcare from his project for Stockholm County Council (support for all hospitals, including vital functions). Also experience (early in his career) from Glaxo Smith Kline PLC and Welcome medicla (assignments performed in the UK)”
Mathew is very customer and service focused and is considered to be an excellent team player. With his personality, appearance, experience, and knowledge he is a perfect match for the assignment

(Uppdrag som Project Cordinator)

Nellie is a great Project Coordinator, with a great reputation within IKEA Inter Group. She ensured that the incoming orders contained relevant brief material (such as specific wishes, color references and priority), secured that correct samples were ordered for 3D-model development and reviewed that the order was placed on the right invoice-code. Contributed to the planning by assisting the assignors with technical specifications and knowledge concerning our production methods. Thus, the team were able to reuse, update and structure the workload to reach the maximal point of efficiency. Nellie coordinated mainly between production team (3D-artists, photographers, retouch artists, interior designer and my management) and the assignors at IOS. This also included coordinate and follow up development between internal departments such as 3D-model development and material development. “With reference to the complexity of the assigned product range I focused on the creation of a good holistic collaboration between both assignors and production team.

Nellie managed to establish very good relationships to the people she worked most close with. By learning the ways of working, and immerse myself in the needs, expectations and processes she initiated and established a firm and collaborative environment for my assignors and my production team.

In the line as Project Management, Change Management, Nellie worked with the ambition to offload her production teams (at times very heavy) workload, she aimed to optimize and streamline the production workflow and processes together with IKEA Inter Group. In order to gain a broad overview of the process chain and potential bottlenecks Nellie conducted interviews and workshops with the concerned competences and stakeholders. The gathered material resulted in a detailed process map over the included processes in order to define which processes in need of development. By defining areas with potential of development Nellie initiated and led workshops, discussion and meetings for knowledge exchange between the ICOM and IOS. By setting clear agendas, conduct relevant and adequate summaries and document the conclusions the meeting and workshops fell very well out and was a major success factor in transforming the ways of working for my team.

As Client Success Manager Nellie worked as a bridge between the three different departments. The Sales, which focus were to gain partners that could result in more end-users. The market department, which focus were to market the platform. The development department which focusses were technical maintenance and developing. The Knowledge Manager role focused on being the bridge between the Company, Platform and the end-users. The responsibility included first-line technical support, implement and onboard new international customers, track customers’ accounts to identify churn risk and work actively to prevent such, collect and analyze customers feedback and present internally to present project proposal to develop and improve ways of working with customer satisfaction.

As a PPC and representative for ICOM and my production team, I gathered in scope-planning along with the market communication communicator, product designers and management.

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