Service Market Project Manager (SMPM)

Posted 1 year ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

The mission for a Project Manager within Service Market Technology (SMT) is to deliver cross-functionally anchored service market information. Some of our deliveries are Parts/Service/Diagnostic information and training material. In the projects you are assigned you will together with project managers from product development, operations, purchasing etc make sure to deliver the project in time, according to budget and with the correct content.

The SMPM is responsible, from project initiation (PCI decision) to project closure (End Gate), for the following main deliveries:
• Lead the SMT project team from PCI to EG in order to secure assigned gate targets and project deliverables.
• Communicate status/deviations for Service market target/requirement fulfillment (stated in Prerequisites and Requirement specification)
• Coordinate input to project description, describing all SMT documentation to be delivered in the project and anchor with concerned business units (BUC, BUE, BUNA, BUI)
• Drive deliverables from SMT agreed in Project Description
• Give input to main time plan, owned by CPM or PML, showing main deliveries for SMT and the dependencies to other functions. Create SMT level 2 time plan describing when to deliver, dependencies and important input/output.
• Collect cost estimations from line organization, secure SMT budget in project’s payment plan and follow up.
• Work with risk management throughout the project.
• Report status and gate recommendation in SMT Reference Group meeting before SPSG (Start Cost Project Steering Group) and sign the gate in the governance tool PGT (Project Governance Tool) accordingly
• Secure that cross-functional networks are established at the operational level (engineers, buyers, suppliers, manufacturing and service market engineers)

The SMPM has the following authorities:
• Represent SMT in the VBC project management group (PMG)
• Manage the SMT project team
• Manage the deliveries from SMT according to set targets and requirements
• Make all decisions needed, within delegated QDCF frames, established in cooperation with the SMT Reference Group, to reach the project goals
• Propose gate recommendations in SMT Reference group
• Sign gates in PGT.

• Suitable university degree
• Several years of traditional and Agile project management experience is required.
Agile project management considered a merit
• Understanding the service market needs
• Strong networking abilities and communication skills
• Demonstrating right Leadership and Behavior with rest of the team.
• Self-driven and initiative
• High customer and business focus.