Senior Technical Process Manager

Posted 2 months ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

In this assignment, the daily operation is heavily dependent on effectiveness and streamlining of all engineering activities, starting from defining requirements, interfaces, and design, through manufacturing, installation, well planned and documented testing, and commissioning activities to fulfilling all licensing, safety, and engineering documentation goals. The Technical Process Management function stems from multiple dependencies between technical requirements, systems, and their integration.

Primary domain:
Review and evaluation across all engineering processes to identify weaknesses, misalignments, barriers to effectiveness and propose solutions to streamline, integrate and accelerate engineering activities (the framework used for stake holders for how to perform engineering work and achieve technical deliverables)Secondary domain:
Identifying support and non-engineering processes that slow down or obstruct the engineering delivery work or make it sub-optimal; proposing solutions to simplify and streamline the support processes

The primary role will involve exposure to:
•Standards, procedures, and rules (their application graded based on criticality, safety requirements etc)
•Technical readiness of work packages/systems (to proceed to the next phase of the engineering process)
•Configuration and change control of the facility and technical systemsIdentify gaps, overlaps and interfaces between technical areas and phases (for example, between “Develop & Maintain Facility” and “Operate Facility”); review if clear hand-over milestones are defined.If gaps exist between current standards and procedures, establish a plan and drive a framework of tasks and data tools for process owners to follow and to feed into.Implement a lean process management approach where it will make a difference for the project deliverable or operationsPromote team work: actively engage teams from various divisions in improvement initiatives, be a strong change driver, mediate between conflicting technical expectations.

Introduce KPI’s presenting
o How well the engineering/operational processes are used
o How efficient are the engineering/operational processesThe work environment is characterized by fast growth, fast pace of work, and an international atmosphere with highly skilled personnel. You must therefore enjoy the diversity of such an environment and have a personality suited for the challenges it presents.