Product Development Project Manager Chief / Program Manager

Posted 1 year ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

In this position we looking for a XTFL, Cross-Functional Technical Leader.

The mission for the VDT XFTL is to cross-functionally support the VDT’s Product Modification and Product Change deliveries of verified & validated components, systems & functions, according to agreed product performance targets.

This means that the VDT XFTL manages:
· interfaces with other Vehicle Development Teams and Technology sub-streams
· the cross-functional coordination of GTX VDT deliverables with support of engineers in the VDT.

NB! The product responsibility fully lies with the Product Owner.
Specific for this position: you will both have a big responsibility in a specific larger epic as well be the mentor for other XFTLs in other epics.

The VDT XFTL has a delegated responsibility from the VDT Leader to:
• ensure the complete product delivery continuously over time, including quality, cost and performance (Product Quality/Delivery/Cost/Feature – QDCF).
• support and communicate across organizational boundaries, in order to safeguard the complete VDT delivery.
• plan the right sequence of milestones and align these milestones with concerned parties in GTX.

Clarifying notes:
To meet product performance targets over time, the VDT XFTL needs to:
· understand product strategy and roadmaps that affect the VDT.
· perform risk management for the upcoming deliveries.
· support the engineer(s) in anchoring technical solutions with concerned VDT and Technology Sub-Streams to secure adherence to cross-functional technology strategies and platform objectives.

The VDT-leader is responsible for the delegation of authority to the VDT XFTL. The VDT XFTL authority is determined case-by-case, based on the VDT Blue Sheets for Product Modification and Product Change, and will depend on:
• the scope of the VDT
• the experience of the individual VDT XFTL.

Practical experience and Competencies
For this specific position, the XFTL must have several years of product development experience, good knowledge of our products (FH, FM, FMX) and our processes.
In this XFTL-role you will work together with other XFTLs in the VDT Exterior, as well as in a dedicated XFTL team for a larger epic.
As we work agile, similar to SAFe, experience from this is merited.
You have a team leading/ project manager personality and used to work in an environment with high pace.