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Posted 11 months ago by Mathew Edwards
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We are currently expanding our capacity and capability for Business Intelligence. The consultant will be joining a Business Intelligence team. We are now sending out a request for several Business Intelligence related roles (Product Owner Scrum Master, Business / Requirements Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer). As a consultant manager you can opt for offer consultants for this specific request or package this role together with the other current sent out requests (product owner, scrummaster, business analyst, data scientist, data engineer) and offer them together as a “bundle” (1 Product Owner, 1 Scrum Master, 2 Business Analysts, 2 Data Engineers, 2 Data Scientists).

This request is for 1 (or if possible 2) Scrum Master(s).

Current solution: a Power BI solution getting manual input from several sources. A manual datapipeline I set up. Power BI report covers the development Phase. Need to automate current pipe line and set up information and data so it is possible to cover the test phase also.

New solution: Migrate IT-solutions to one cloud source. Need to set up governance for information and data. Set up a more robust and automated information and data as well as analytics and Power BI reports that is maintainable over time and also a roadmap going forward.

Tasks: Standard Scrum Master tasks. Some example of tasks, Running team meetings, keeping the backlog up to date, making sure the backlog have sufficient quality, making sure assigned tasks flow and have good documentation quality, support the product owner, clear obstacles for the team,

Output: eHigh quality of backlog and tasks, high quality of documentation of tasks and backlog, productive team, team knows what to do,

Remote work: Wednesdays are mandatory to be on site. Requirement to be able to be on site 3 days a week minimum. To be able to work 5 days on site if necessary if something is crucial. With that stated if the situation allows for it the remote work can turn out to be only one day, but the
consultant must be able to work at least 3-5 days on site.

Master of Science, (other level of education is also acceptable if proven track record of work can match the education level), Scaled Agile Framework

Swedish & English on a professional level (Swedish can be excluded if necessary).

Advanced analytics (Neural networks, Statistics, Predictability, Extrapolations, Process mining)
Knowledge about Scania´s electrical system and/or embedded systems in vehicles.

Running large scale initiatives with multiple stakeholders on a high management level.
Prioritizing without having clear direction and / or conflicting interests
Knowledge about Scania´s electrical system and/or embedded systems in vehicles.