Data Scientist Quality and Maintenance

Posted 3 days ago by Marita Ellberg
Application ends: 2023-03-24
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Job Description

We are looking for a data scientist to join the Decision Science group, you will improve decisionmaking in the Quality and Maintenance Mission Team.

The Scope:

The team develops prescriptive analytics for decision makers both within the business and among customers. This is done by applying scientific methods to real life decision problems.
The team use data, statistical methods, machine learning and other cutting-edge technology to reduce noise, bias and other sources of uncertainty and errors in decision-making.
You will work in project teams together with other data scientists, data engineers and business domain experts to solve various business problems. You will work with projects through the project lifecycle, from Proof of Value to continuous improvement of deployed models in service mode.

Required skills:

PhD or a Master and a few years of experience as a data scientist
Statistical methods, machine learning and probabilistic thinking is something you are very comfortable with
Good programming skills, preferrably in Python
You love data visualization and other ways of communicating your findings to a broader audience.

Preferred skills:

Experience working with sales and deployments to deliver AI&Data services to end customers in a B2B industry is meriting.
Experience with AI&Data for aseptic performance optimization problems or AI&Data for cheese process optimization are meriting.

Soft skills:

You are someone who loves to learn new things and are driven by an insatiable curiosity.
You have a very strong analytical mindset, and problem-solving energizes you immensely.
You are passionate about fact based decision-making and firmly believes in the scientific method.
You challenge unsubstantiated claims and opinions.
You love to work closely in a team, learn from your team members and share your knowledge.