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Posted 7 months ago by Marita Ellberg
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Supply chain Management spans the entire value chain from inbound logistics of sourced parts to the outbound logistics of all finished vehicles, including related packaging, planning and customs. Since last year, Parts Supply & Logistics are also part of SCM. The function is rapidly evolving to continuously improve operations and to enable the transition to electric vehicles and our new business model of selling cars online.
We in the SCM Finance team are dedicated to support our Supply Chain Management-team (SCM) meet their objectives. We provide – together with the function – a financial plan that supports their objectives, we track progress, provide outlooks and help identify deviations and mitigating actions. We are now looking for a new team member to further strengthen our finance team.

What’s in it for you?
You will be where the action is. SCM is the glue holding our industrial cluster together – and we are in the process of adjusting to our future business. In this work, the finance function will support with business case scenarios and outlooks, providing financial indicators on whether we are moving in the right direction.

You are arriving at a point in time when we really seek the support of digitalization and tools to let us focus on value adding work and further increase our exactness. You will have a great opportunity to drive projects within these fields. You are joining a great team! Job Description
In this team, we are responsible for a specific department within SCM and keep track of their finances. As mentioned above, we are in charge of setting a financial plan that supports their objectives, we track progress, provide outlook and help identify deviations and mitigating actions. We are also in charge for the monthly closings of each department, and the subsequent analysis and reporting. We constantly try to improve our tools and analysis, and actively participate in knowledge sharing in our team.

Storytelling is a big part of the job – the future financial effects of actions and decisions need to be visualized and made clear to operations.

In order to be successful at this, you will work closely with the SCM team to gain knowledge of operations and in your reporting clearly tying your financial events to operational events and trends recognizable by the operation.

We are looking for a colleague who finds joy in both number crunching and strategic business planning. If you also thrive on graphs, trends and the storytelling around them, you are most probably our person. If you also have a knack for BI tools, excel or other digital tools – you’re in.

We want you to have a humble can-do attitude with a genuine curiosity, as well as an ease in your communication with others.