DevOps Engineer

Posted 5 months ago by Marie Johansson
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

We are currently in search of a DevOps Engineer – SCM & BA for our client in the automotive industry.

Our client believes that the key elements in building state-of-the-art cars are strategy, a team of exceptional individuals, and cutting-edge tools. To realize this vision, they have established a group of product teams known as Car Software Development Solutions (CSDS). Their primary goal is to empower in-car software developers by developing, enhancing, and maintaining a comprehensive suite of digital solutions for top-tier vehicle software development.

The core responsibility of this role is to provide services such as Gerrit (a version control system) and Jenkins (build automation). These Java-based tools are extensively utilized by thousands of developers within our client’s organization. The team is dedicated to simplifying users’ lives by continuously improving and automating the services provided.

Currently, there are five DevOps engineers in the team, specializing in technologies and platforms such as Azure, Kubernetes, and FluxCD.

How Our Client Works

Collaborate closely with different stakeholder teams to understand and facilitate their needs.
Enhance key aspects of the services offered, including user experience, performance, scalability, resource utilization, supportability, maintainability, and observability.
Automate the management of the services under the team’s responsibility.
Implement a GitOps way of working in conjunction with the system team, responsible for the Kubernetes platform.
Provide self-service options and documentation for end-users.
Contribute to the shared cluster initiative to enhance and streamline Data Analysis of the produced data.
Mandatory Requirements:

Azure Cloud and Azure managed services.
Experience in GitOps and GitOps operators like Helm and Flux CD.
Experience with Kubernetes.
Experience in Gerrit.
Experience in Jenkins.
Strong knowledge of high-availability applications.
Proficiency in Python.
Technical Proficiency:

Proficient in Linux environments.
Proficient in utilizing Git for version control.
Comprehensive understanding of CI/CD practices.
Experienced in scripting with Bash.
Experienced with Kubernetes and Docker.
Desired Attributes:

Outspoken and enjoys participating in brainstorming sessions.
A good listener who takes initiatives to find new solutions to various technical or operational needs.
Curious, eager to learn, and has the ability to think outside the box.
A true team player with excellent communication and collaboration skills.