Senior Java Developer

Posted 3 months ago by Karolina Edensten
Stockholm (Remote)
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Job Description

The team is responsible for implementing and scaling the link between the public internet and our internal Kubernetes clusters, as well as maintaining the service mesh running in them. We offer some higher level services, too, one of which you will be focused on: the IP-based geolocation. You will primarily work on migrating and extending an existing service, while also evaluating and integrating with new providers



  • Proficient in Java, at least Java 11
  • Persistence and caching solutions such as NoSQL databases and Redis
  • Micro-service based architectures using gRPC and Kafka for interservice communication
  • Asynchronous, non-blocking, functional style of programming and experience implementing with frameworks such as Spring WebFlux or vert.x 
  • Usage and deep understanding of Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience in major AWS services, like DynamoDB, S3
  • Experience of building, operating, and truly owning services. Implementing alerting, metrics, and logging using Prometheus, CloudWatch, Kibana ‘