Senior Front-End Developer

Posted 1 week ago by Karolina Edensten
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Job Description

You will join an ambitious team of developers who are working close with both the UX/UI designer and the CRO. The main objective is to give customers the best experience when shopping on the customers websites.

Together with your team you will constantly be working with the user interface in all phases of its life cycle. Building new elements, optimizing elements, maintaining elements and removing legacy implementations. All larger changes introduced to the customer are A/B-tested.

The customers current setup is a LEMP monolith. The back-end team is step by step migrating this setup to micro services, many of them deployed as AWS Lambdas. Data is stored both in SQL and non-SQL databases. Everything is hosted on AWS and the customer uses a big part of their tech stack.

They are now in the middle of writing their new stack in React (SSG) and the current setup will be used as an API. Storybook is the main development platform.



How you make an impact

  • Implement the designs created by the UX/UI designer.
  • Evolve the tooling around the tech.
  • Develop for performance, especially on mobile.
  • Set up AB-tests as an integrated part of the development process. This is to ensure that the user will never have a bad/broken experience.



What you bring

  • A deep commitment to craft good quality code/components that exceeds the user’s expectation.
  • You are not only welcome, but expected to come up with solutions to issues.
  • You take responsibility for your tasks, and drive processes further.
  • You work independently, structure your work and respect deadlines.
  • Willing to share your knowledge in the group, help and inspire colleagues to develop.
  • You are open to new solutions and keep your knowledge updated by using the “learning by doing” concept.
  • As you will join a small team, you communicate clearly and ensure that expectations are clear for all parties involved. 
  • You are a team player and able to build good relations with your colleagues. 



Must have technical experience

  • Javascript (ES5 & 6).
  • React (We use NextJS)
  • Styled Components
  • PHP (basic knowledge)
  • Version control and QA using Git.



Preferred technical competence

  • Working with high traffic sites.
  • Statically generated sites
  • AWS
  • Experience with A/B testing.
  • Preferably + 5 years of experience in a similar position.