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Posted 4 months ago by Karolina Edensten
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Job Description

Infrastructure architects are responsible for designing and implementing information systems to fit with existing infrastructure and initiatives. Be a part of the Architecture Design Board and lead the infrastructure architecture discussions from a Supply perspective with a cross functional thinking. Technical ability is only one aspect of the internal infrastructure role. Creative thinking, task coordination and research also play a key part in the sourcing and design of new solutions which are fit for business purpose.

The consultant services is to assist our client in:

An infrastructure architect works with Architecture Design Board to determine the outcomes that a technical project or system should deliver, when they design, build and deploy it as part of a larger project.

Not just tasked with creating new core infrastructure elements, the job role also includes assessing current systems for security and suitability and researching potential upgrades.


Daily duties may include: 

  • Assessing existing systems to ensure they meet business requirements
  • Monitoring the security of existing business systems
  • Predicting and overseeing infrastructure or software upgrades based on business needs
  • Technical direction of new system implementations
  • Creating detailed project plans for new system designs and roll outs
  • Updating architecture blueprints
  • Reporting on project deployments 


Desired skills: 

An infrastructure architect needs several technical qualifications and plenty of proven industry experience to be considered for an open job role.

  • AWS Cloud architecture and technology
  • Transit gateway
  • IP ranges
  • System integrations
  • IT Security including design and log management
  • ITIL
  • An additional Masters or PhD are preferred, as well as experience with project deliveries and extensive experience as part of a software engineering team. 



Other beneficial technical skills would include experience with: 

  • Enterprise applications
  • Information system development
  • UX
  • Network software
  • Cloud methodologies
  • AD Management and design
  • Test & Release management
  • Infor software suite 


Soft skills 

  • The ability to solve problems fast
  • Coordination responsibility of tasks
  • Excellent communication skills in a complex organization
  • Attention to detail
  • Team player 


Following competences must be fulfilled 

  • AWS Cloud Architecture and Technology
  • IP Ranges
  • IT Security including design and log management
  • Creating detailed project plans for new system designs and roll outs
  • Creating and updating architecture blueprints