Fullstack developers, focus on Backend

Posted 1 month ago by Karolina Edensten
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Job Description

For our client we are looking for 4 Fullstack developers with focus on Backend

Work will be split between office in Malmö and customer office in Copenhagen. Normally 2-3 days per week in each location, during Corona 99% of the time from Sweden.



Customer has a decentralized organization. This put some extra requirements on the individuals.

  • Strong in communication.

Documentation and processes are very weak (almost non-existing). Progress forward is achieved by your network, so you must contact people that know more than you.

  • Personal drive.

Strong persons with good ideas have a good chance of making their idea happen (Fun!). It is persons like this the customer wants.

  • Can work independently.

The person will be part of a team, but right now everyone works from home. The person must continuously find new relevant tasks when previous tasks are done.



  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Angular (Node, NPM, webpack)
  • Electron (REACT’ish but older.)
  • Packaging Technologies (Win/Mac/Linux, WiX)



  • .NET Core and related techs (Entity framework, ASP.NET)
  • Docker
  • Node/NPM
  • Scalability Strategies
  • Logging and service



  • Azure
  • VS Code/Visual Studio
  • Jira and Git
  • Devops (Azure DevOps)
  • Unit Testing


Other technologies used 

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Node.JS
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • EF Core
  • USB Video Class
  • Docker Hub
  • MS SQL
  • Mongo DB
  • BT/BLE