C++/Linux Expert

Posted 10 months ago by Karolina Edensten
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Job Description

On behalf of our client we are looking for a Linux expert. The person will support the team with Linux related issues, for example maintain the build scripts. The person will also work with creating a Linux image with our software we easily can install on a new computer.


Short description of the project:

We are working on an autonomous drone service in which we track objects with computer vision. A drone without a physical pilot and a remote control should be able to track and follow for example a skier or a mountain-bike rider on a pre-set route and adapt its speed and camera angle always staying close to the person/object and with the object in focus. In our setup we connect a drone to a local Linux computer over a WiFi network and use a Python SDK to extract the video stream from the drone. In the Linux computer we do some computing and based on the computation we send maneuvering commands back to the drone via the Python SDK.



  • Excellent Linux environment knowledge and experience
  • Linux troubleshooting (New versions, drivers etc)
  • How to build programs with dependencies in Linux using cmake and make
  • How to distribute programs on Linux
  • Linux configuration
  • Cmake, make, C++ and python
  • English
  • Work well in a small team