Commercial Project Manager

Posted 3 months ago by Karolina Edensten
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Job Description

As Commercial Project Manager, you will work close to the end customer and work to coordinate project progress and ensure “customer success”. The main task is to drive several of our various customer projects in the field and filter customer needs and feedback bugs and improvement proposals to internal technology development and external partners. This by working close to the customer and on site seeing, experiencing, testing, verifying, performing, documenting and iterating the customer solutions that we develop for different domains. Much of the work will take place on the road, both in the Nordic countries and Central Europe, especially during the season. A large part is also about sorting / structuring and communicating project and customer insights to internal and possibly external stakeholders.

Examples of work tasks: 

  • Conduct customer workshops and identify needs and enable business solutions
  • Take care of start-up and implementation of customer projects, install and operate our technology
  • Remedy and support our customers on site over the phone
  • Validation of business cases and service model
  • Documentation of customer requirements and improvements of ongoing technology projects


Required skills or techniques

  • Experience of Project Management
  • Mix of business, mechanical, system and practical work skills / work experience and education within relevant area

Preferred skills or techniques

  • Computer, system or general IT and telecom background or work experience