Test Engineer

Posted 6 months ago by Karolina Edensten
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Job Description

As a test engineer you will lead the tests assignments according to the scope and schedule. Understand the verification and validation needs, secure the truck is prepared for the test, and the test scope is understood by everyone involved in the test to meet the wanted quality and outcome. You will prepare status reports, manage faulty reports, present test results and compile engineering reports. You will work in close collaboration with drivers, mechanics, developers, function/product owners, project managers and other important stakeholders.

Understand the verification needs for Features, functions in order define test requirements. Manage, plan, prepare, and execute the test. Analyze results and give recommendations in their respective technology area. Prepare and manage fault reports from tests. Document results and compile the engineering report (ER). Continuously update Test Methods and propose updates of Technical Requirement together with the technology areas.