Product Development Project Manager

Posted 6 months ago by Karolina Edensten
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Job Description

The ESS (Energy Storage System) is the one of the key components within the Electromobility technology stream, leading the development for the future electrical drivelines within GTT.

The primarily focus is to secure the QDCF-targets of the Project by representing ESS towards all stakeholders and our supplier. You will have the main task to guide, coordinate and inspire the XF Project-team consisting of representatives from Engineering, Purchase, Manufacturing, AMT and BA/Vehicle-projects.

Due to that it’s a Platform-project, you will be deeply involved in the engineering deliveries to support the different engineering teams lead by the PMe. You should also be prepare to act as Task-leader if any urgent challenges need extra focus and steering. You will continuously report to the Management-team for ESS Technology stream for alignment and recommendation and your steering group will be the Electromobility (Electrical Propulsion) Committee, EPC.

To be successful i this role, you will need to have solid technical background and be able to setup and drive the Project within the GTT tools and processes from “day one”. The technology task consist of both Vehicle integration and system engineering including Embedded systems, Electronics, Mechanical and Thermal features. You need to be able to coordinate this different areas from a complete technical QDCF-perspective. You will need to have worked as CPM for a technology driven project or PMe during several years, to be confident within the GTT WoW.

Due to that ESS is working by the SAFe-principles, if would be seen as a merit if you have previous experience within this process, even though not seen as mandatory.