Javautvecklare för orderhanteringssystem

Posted 3 weeks ago by Karolina Edensten
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Job Description

We’re looking for a someone who loves to code and can see the beauty in well written code. You should share our belief that manual tests belong in the history books and that anything less than full control and automation of pipeline and environments is a crime. We value speed above all else, how fast we can deploy and how often we do it are the metrics that matter. You need to have the same mindset to fit in here, and you need to help us push the boundaries of what’s possible.

What you need to know to be able to deliver:

  • Java, HTML5, CSS, Typescript/Javascript
  • Spring, Spring boot, JavaEE
  • Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, REST, JSON
  • Relational database knowledge: write/read SQL, stored procedures


What you need to know or learn to excel:

  • Azure cloud, AWS, Azure devops
  • Micro service architecture, Web sockets,
  • Full test automation (Selenium/Zalenium)
  • Elastic search, Prometheus, Grafana, Angular JS
  • SQL, MongoDB, OAuth 


What’s the challenge?
We’re in the middle of a commercial transformation, we are moving our sales online and our cars will soon be powered purely by electricity. To be able to offer instant delivery of our amazing cars we need to have the right cars in stock. Understanding what our customers want now, and in the future, and plan accordingly is more important than ever. Therefore, we need to replace the application handling production planning for all our plants globally. It starts with taking in the demand from the different markets, aggregating that to one clear request. We then compare this to what we have the possibility and capacity to build. The output is the long-term plan of what to build and when, this is then used in a lot of processes downstream to ensure that we can build our great cars and get them on time to our customers.

We will start from scratch to build a new system, speed and quality is extremely important to us. You need to ensure that we have the best tools and processes in place to enable fast and iterative development. To assure quality test automation is a given, we need to have the built-in quality to continuously deliver over time. No manual testers will be part of the team, just great developers who take the full responsibility.
You’ll work according to the Scrum and Safe frameworks; 2-week sprints and 12-week PI-increments. However, we’re not religious about it and are constantly evaluating how to work in the best way, applying common sense to ensure as little waste as possible.