Embedded Software Application Engineer

Posted 4 months ago by Karolina Edensten
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Job Description

The Predictive Gear Selection group, are a set of two dynamic teams that provide world class solutions in terms of driveability and fuel efficiency to all truck and bus brands in the Volvo Group. For the teams the challenge lies within making the right gear selection in a wide set of applications and driving scenarios ranging from construction to long haul. For the predictive part it is also possible to utilize road information to optimize fuel consumption and driveability by controlling vehicle speed and gear selection. We are taking care of the complete development chain from idea and solution to verification by simulation and testing in vehicles.

We believe teamwork and collaboration is the foundation for great products and an attractive workplace. Therefore everyone is part of a team of 5-8 colleagues with complementary skills committed to a common purpose. Every team plans their work in 3 week sprints and delivers solutions together as a team. We mostly use graphical programming tools such as Simulink or ASCET so that we can focus on the products we develop. However we would like to broaden the competence base in the teams so skills in other languages such as C C++ etc is a big plus as well.


Who are you?
To be successful in this position you need to be a team player and have an analytic mindset of a true problem solver. You probably have a masters degree and/or previous experience from the automotive industry or software development with great attitude and a willingness to learn!
We consider previous experience of driving vehicles as mandatory and if you have C, CE driver’s license that is clearly a big plus.