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Posted 1 month ago by Karolina Edensten
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Job Description

Developer Software Complexity Tool Software complexity is a strategic area to focus on for the company. Decreasing the accidental complexity in the software of our cars and services leads to high quality and speedy development. We have undertaken a job to design an advanced code complexity metric, such that will allow distinguishing the accidental complexity and guiding developers on how to reduce the accidental complexity.

The intention is to empower the software development teams with a rigorous metric so they can automatically and methodically reduce code complexity at all times of development. This means that the metric will be integrated with both the developer environment and the Continuous Integration chain to prevent unnecessarily complex code being merged to the entire code.


We are searching for an expert programmer who can design a C (C++) parser and calculate the metric as defined in our scientific report. The applicant is expected to have the following knowledge: 

  • Expertise in Programming languages, particularly in C and Python
  • Good understanding of compilers/parsers
  • Good understanding in software science in general
  • Good knowledge in develop SW tools with quality and good maintainability
  • Knowledge of algorithms for code complexity
  • Skills to communicate both technical and managerial issues during the development


The applicant will work tightly with the developer of the metric’s algorithm primarily and with other expert developers secondarily for feedback communication. The applicant will get the opportunity to acquire advanced knowledge within code quality and code complexity: a valuable investment for further career.