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Posted 3 months ago by Karolina Edensten
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Job Description

Data Management within Product Development & Field Testing is looking for a Backend Developer to a data science team.

At Engine Development Testing, data and data analysis are part of the core business. The analysis of data is used in every step of the engine development process. The data comes from both in-house testing and real-world engine usage. This means that a large amount of data is handled in a lot of different formats, databases and structures.

At the company data has started to be used in a more sophisticated manner. Internal empirical data driven models and machine learning have been implemented in Virtec, our virtual engine testing environment. The analysis of real-world engine data is becoming more data science oriented. Although a lot of new interesting projects are initialized, complicated demands on the data handling and structuring of data is appearing.

A data management group has been up and running with the responsibilities to structure data and build data science tools in order to explore it. The group is looking for a backend engineer, i.e. a person with knowledge and experience in setting up database structures from raw data, merging data from different sources, building advanced querying tools and general data driven production coding. If you have an interest in Advanced analytics it is a great advantage.



  • Responsible for data maintenance in the data management group
  • Set up hardware and software requirements for big data
  • Connect multiple databases and servers
  • Write complex queries for databases
  • Improving data collection procedures
  • Verifying the integrity of data used for analysis and developing automated deviation detection systems
  • Support project in advanced analytics
  • Keep up-to-date with latest technology trends 



  • Advanced coding/programming (e.g. Python, Java, Spark, SQL)
  • Good understanding of databases, data handling, data structures, etc.
  • Knowledge in Databricks, Data Factory and Data Lake
  • A strong qualifier is good knowledge in Azure
  • Previous experience with setting up databases, writing queries, etc. for a new project
  • Working with different file formats and database API’s
  • Great collaboration and communication skills and like to work in a team
  • Interest/potential interest in data science/data analysis
  • Knowledge of working in software oriented organizations
  • Knowledge in Business Analytics tools such as Power BI or Qliksense