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Posted 5 months ago by Jonny Westerholm
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Job Description

We’re looking for an experienced Agile Coach to join our Core Infrastructure team, the passionate people making the company’s backend easy to develop, iterate & operate.

Agile Coaching at the company
At the company, the Agile Coach’s work results in sustainable team improvement in delivery, knowledge, and ownership of how they work. The coach identifies potential areas of focus to address delivery problems, team dynamics, and systemic issues, recommending strategies for improvement within their scope of impact.

We’re looking for an Agile Coach adept at assessing, prioritising and facilitating this type of improvement at the team and department level.

What you will do
– Provide hands-on support to engineering teams in adopting an agile mindset and practices with a focus on growing capabilities in the teams.
– Will analyze the benefits of multiple agile approaches and suggest and help teams adopt as appropriate.
– Plan for collaborative environments like meetings and workshops, and handle dynamic changes to agendas
-Facilitate the process rather than giving answers and recognize where emotional dynamics are at play in the group.
– Will influence by building positive relationships, motivating the need for change, getting consensus to take action, and communicating the effects over time.
– Teach with experience and help others understand the purpose of the learnings and define clear learning objectives.
At every step, you’ll have the opportunity to develop solutions that leverage the unique constraints and opportunities of a distributed workforce, encouraging ways of working that optimize for efficiency.

Top Skills
You can effectively mentor teams, individuals & team leadership in teamwork skills and the application of agile principles.
You are willing to experiment, fail and innovate in finding how to effectively work together in a distributed-first organization where communication and collaboration don’t always happen in real-time.
You practice actively listening & understanding without attempting to own the problems of the person or team you’re working with.
You use open-ended questions to evoke discovery & insight and you help groups/individuals help themselves to address conflict.
You are resilient: working on trying innovative approaches and new paths even when met with resistance.
You can identify when individuals don’t have shared understanding, and promote inclusion to ensure all perspectives.
You make insightful connections about people and situations and are comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity and can work through it.
You give feedback with insight and candour to teams and individuals.