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Posted 8 months ago by Daniel Fransson
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The goal of IPEX – Our client’s Planning experience is to make it easy for many to design a better everyday life at home. We run and develop digital solutions used by customers and co-workers, enabling them to design homes and home furnishing solutions for the entire range for all retailers. Part of our portfolio are planning solutions for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Storage solutions, Beds…Our next big step ahead will be to enable customers to design their full homes.

Our customers should experience an inspiring, fun, simple and rewarding planning journey based on their needs and preferences. Our co-workers and service partners should experience a fun, efficient and unbroken sales process.

The solutions and capabilities we develop are an integral part of the entire seamless buying and selling experience and a key contributor to converting visitors into happy customers and to engaging with our customers from the start. Utilizing data around and about our products to create more personalized experiences is an integral part of the work we do.

IPEX delivers solutions to all retailers spanning over 50 markets worldwide and over 450 stores and digital channels. All solutions are made to help customers and co-workers in all customer meetings, from a mobile phone to the largest store in the world.

Top Skills
Being a Product Owner in the IPEX team  

As a Product Owner in IPEX you will be part of a great team and creating digital solutions that enable customers and co-workers to configure and combine home furnishing solutions and design any space in their homes and businesses across all our customer meetings. 

You will lead a Product team in a continuous product discovery and enhancement to fulfill business and customer needs, and the work to establish the mission of a product and build the overall product roadmap, balancing needs from business, customer and technology perspectives. 
Exploring and utilizing different technologies and approaches is part of finding the best solution for the needs to solve. By that you contribute to a seamless customer and co-worker experience across all customer meeting points throughout the full product lifecycle.
You are the biggest fan of your product and feel and are accountable for the outcome of deliveries for your product in meeting business/ customer needs.
You will interact and collaborate with other Product Owners and stakeholders, franchisees and customers, to understand needs and synergies and based on this, define requirements and make decisions and trade-offs where needed to maximize business results and customer value.
You will manage the product backlog, scope and prioritize activities based on business direction and goals, business and customer impact and actively participate in planning to clarify features and user stories.
Together with your team you define acceptance criteria and ‘definition of done’. Optimizing ways of working within your and across teams is always on your mind.

To be successful in this role  
You are passionate and curious about life at home and creating seamless and convenient experiences and really connect to the assignment of IPEX. 
You are passionate about creating high performing, clever and easy to use solutions and working methods supporting co-workers when creating and developing the meeting with our customers. 
You have a great interest and proven track record in creating great solutions/ experiences for users and you understand how emerging technologies and trends can improve customer and co-worker experiences throughout the product lifecycle. 
You have a deep interest in and understanding for data around and about your product and use it to continuously improve. 
You are an experienced Product owner and bring extensive experience and knowledge in software development and are fully familiar with agile/ devops practices.
You have a solid technology understanding. 
You are a strong leader with the ability to build the success of a product on the strength of and together with your full cross-functional team and interaction with peers and stakeholders for reaching the best results.  
You make mistakes sometimes that keep you evolving and learning as you are not afraid to find new ways to solve a challenging task together with your colleagues. 
You enjoy an agile and iterative, yet structured way of working and achieving results together with a and peers and stakeholders in a flexible environment, but also have a strong individual drive to deliver high quality results on time.  
You have great communication and networking skills and are fluent in written and spoken English. 
Traveling based on business needs might be necessary.