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Posted 2 weeks ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

The client needs a consultant with Project Competence (project plan, communication with Stakeholders leading a small team etc) and a fundamental understanding of Cloud and technical Infrastructure setup in a bank. A new Application code needs to be setup, and thus it would be good if the consultant is familiar with these kinds of processes.

Project Context: ECB OSI Finding #5 is part of the ECB OSI 2021 program. It consists of 3 parts and 5.2 is one of them.

For successful application following is expected:
Implement a recovery test approach for applications which would produce clear conclusion about the achievement of the defined RPOs including the supporting infrastructure elements.
Provide evidence for new test approach including the following elements:
Frequency of the backup and archive logging documented in TRRDs and compared and reported against Application RPO**.Prove capability for restore from back up of full applicationProve capability of restore from back up of cross functional infrastructure components, tested separately, and therefore not included in the application testing.Restore of non-production or production backups and archive logs performed in a non-production environment.Ensure that each test will be finalized with a test report showing the outcome of the test against set success criteria.

6+ years of experience with IT projects. Preferably PMI (PMP level) or IPMA (level B) certified or equivalent Able to establish, lead and deliver projects Works independently and assume managerial responsibilities General project management, project responsibility, resource management, quality assurance, follow up, responsibility for project financing

Most vital skills:
Besides general competencies, shall be familiar with Cloud and Bank infrastructure Must have good stakeholder management and communication skills