Senior Project Manager – Major Swedish bank

Posted 2 months ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

The banking sector is undergoing fundamental change with digitalization, new technology and regulatory framework that is continuously transforming our business. As the financial landscape is changing, the bank is shifting from business-driven IT to an IT-driven business.
The IT-development is run in shorter sprints using agile ways of working, ensuring fast delivery and value in line with customer and business needs.
Teamwork, collaboration, and leadership is a crucial part of the way business is run at the bank, and we believe that is the key for high performing teams.
The IT Asset Management area is key for maintaining control of the IT Landscape and the lifecycle of IT Assets to support the business in understanding how IT supports its business processes and how changes impact applications and platforms.
It is essential for several critical IT business processes such as operational processes including reporting to comply with security requirements and regulatory compliance.
The ongoing digital transformation is re-shaping the technology landscape at the bank driving modernization.
A shift is ongoing towards cloud technologies, that makes the requirement to have control of config and IT asset to support the business and IT processes crucial.

Role description
To succeed in this role, you have preferably been working with IT Asset Management and have a good understanding of Business & IT processes. In your role as project leader for the IT Asset initiative we see that your leadership skills enable you to motivate stakeholders from different disciplines with different perspectives.
We believe that you have experience in different project management methods and tools and that you have a hybrid delivery perspective mixing long term planning with an agile approach. Knowledge in and understanding of different relevant frameworks and standards is meriting (for instance ISO, ITIL, SaFe, IT4IT, SOX etc).
You have during your years gained insight into traditional IT AM structures with CMDB, dependent ITIL processes for on-prem solutions but equally important is the understanding of different type of Cloud models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and how to integrate into the overall IT AM structure’s dependencies.
You understand the importance of data quality and the integration of different data sources is at the core of a successful IT Asset management. You should be familiar with conceptual and information modeling including data management relevant for the ITAM area.

You are working in a structured and accurate way both independently and with teams. You have the ability to easily build relationships with different stakeholders in the organization. Important as any formal training or education is that you have a passion for driving changes in this area.

Top Skills
Lead and drive the work associated with improving government and management structure for IT asset management
Present progress and status to a steering committee
Document and execute on decision along the way
To your aid you have selected group of colleagues supporting with intel, information, and strategy. An IT Asset Management Solution Architect will take the strategic aspects of the initiative.


You have in insights in IT Asset management
You should be able to lead highly specialized people in delivering on tasks needed for the projects
Be able to navigate and balance differences and perspectives on the matter
Create relevant contact within the organization to ensure both progress and commitment
English and Swedish