Subsystem Owner ECU development Body

Posted 4 weeks ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

Subsystem responsible at ECU development Body.
As system owner, the workflow is to design a system by creating and breaking down requirements to different levels. You need to understand how everything connects to each other and you need to enjoy working with other people as you need to secure that the system is compatible with everyone that are affected by it. As a subsystem responsible you are NOT responsible for designing the SW or develop any SW models, you are responsible for writing the requirement towards the SW team and components, ensuring that signals are sent and received in the best way to make the system work as intended by the function owners and customer requirements.
This job requires high communicative skills and social skills as the work till interface both within the line organization team as well as towards other teams/subsystems and the components which are involved to fulfilling the functionality at the subsystem. Some interfaces might be in China so cultural awareness and previous experience from working towards China is a merit.
We also focus on a more centralized way of working and redefinition of the traditional way of working with subsystems. This requires a good signaling understanding and we believe that you have years of experience of breaking down functional requirements and writing requirements to the SW teams.
Previous experience from work with ECUs and electrical platforms is a must in this role and you should be very comfortable managing in these areas.
The job requires
• High competence of system design and knowledge about signaling.
• Tracking of all progress of software development made by your affected components ensuring correct implementation of the system requirements for the functions and attributes.
• Follow up progress at all involved departments and support . Internally CEVT and externally towards VCC/Geely/Zeekr and the supplier.
• Follow up issues in CEVT engineering systems. Reporting back progress to the team lead and module team director for ECU development Body.
The Subsystem areas we are searching subsystem owners for with the 2 RFQs:
• Exterior light, Interior light, Visibility, Sound Signaling & Voltage Outlet/Accessories Power Supply.
Any previous experience from these areas is highly valued in the candidate selection.