Strategy lead and expert on climate (Climate Lead)

Posted 8 months ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

Main responsibilities
Develop and continuously improve Polestar’s climate roadmap and targets
Secure that targets, requirements and guidance on climate is implemented throughout
Polestar’s operations and programs

Top Skills
Oversee Polestar’s strategic initiatives on climate, and secure that accountable departments
have ongoing activities and resources in line with climate roadmap and report into the
governing for a Support or lead projects related to climate, e.g. Polestar 0 project Develop Polestar’s position paper on climate Report on climate KPIs internally and externally Oversee implementation of internal cost on carbon, Provide briefs and guidance on climate communication ,Develop Polestar’s advocacy work on climate, Collaborate with counterparts at VCC and Geely connected to climate, Develop and conduct internal trainings on climate, Engage with external partners and uphold our strategic partnerships, Follow trends and developments on climate, e.g. research, regulation and policy

Continuous activities to execute and develop the climate work, based on the above stated scope for the