AI Developer with Back end Focus

Posted 5 months ago by Cyrus Bandani
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Job Description

We want to ramp up our AI and Cloud capability and I need consultants to boost this journey. We have several interesting use cases that we want to explore and we are building new modern cloud native AI solutions. We think this is a very exciting assignment for a developer.

We are looking for the following competences, see below.

AI Developer with Back End Focus

Experienced backend developer,  ~5 years of experience of building and designing applications and web services.

Preferably skilled in Python, but other languages are ok.
Experienced building both backend applications and cloud infrastructure.
Microservices, Docker & Containers

Experience in databases
Preferably VectorDBs and GraphDBs

Testing, CI/CD, IaC, Monitoring
Preferably experience in Prometheus, Grafana & Loki

Cloud (Azure / AWS)
Experience in deploying cloud infrastructure and resources.

Experienced working in a DevOps team. Experienced in working in an agile environment.

Preferably the following AI skills
Understands AI solutions and design patterns.
Understands and can use LLMs & other models.
Understands AI Cloud services and how to use them.
Understands the ML/AI development process.
Understands RAG, semantic search, embeddings