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Posted 6 months ago by Cyrus Bandani
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Job Description


• Mapping the directory services landscape, identifying the components of transitioning, and highlighting critical areas needing careful attention   during the process.

• Developing a comprehensive 3–5-year plan/strategy outlining our vision for the future of the directory services, always taking IAM interests into consideration.

• Lead systematic solution architecture improvement processes for the AD and Entra-ID area and related solutions.

• Implement and monitor best practices on the AD, AAD/Entra-ID infrastructure to comply with industry-standard frameworks and policies (best practice).

• Keep the software/system up to date according to applicable principles and guidelines.

• Monitor, analyze, and follow-up on technical debt, creating enabler features and stories to ensure effective management.

• Act as the primary technical lead for AD and Azure AD/Entra-ID, responsible for the technical aspects, implementation, and operation of the IT product.

• Serve as a senior hands-on developer, making day-to-day technical-, software engineering-, and system architecture decisions.

• Contribute to the content of the ART’s Architectural Runway to support features and capabilities in the product roadmap.

• Communication of plan/road map with relevant stakeholders.

• Mentor the team in specific technologies, AD, Entra-ID/Azure AD, IAM frameworks, guidelines, and principles.

• Define required skills and competences in the team and evaluate and onboard new team members.

• Collaborate with the IAM team product owner and AD/Entra-ID Service Manager to allocate team capacity and sequence work.


Essential requirements:

• Experience with Agile methodologies, preferably SAFe and/or Scrum.

• Knowledge of postal/logistics/e-commerce/retail business operations is advantageous.

• Ambition and capability to lead and develop others.

• Minimum of 10 years of experience in IT systems management within the technology stack of the product.

• Strong knowledge in managing AD and AAD/Entra-ID-related matters with a focus on security, scalability, reliability, and availability.

• Proficiency in IAM.

• Excellent analytical skills.

• Experience in making system architectural and software design decisions.

• Experience working in hybrid/distributed teams.

• Demonstrated ability to manage and implement projects effectively.

• Self-directed with strong prioritization and deadline management skills.

• Exceptional written and oral communication skills.


English requires that you speak and write this fluently. If you also know Swedish or another Scandinavian language, that is an advantage.