Technical Preparation Engineer

Posted 2 months ago by Cyrus Bandani
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Job Description

As a Technology Integration Specialist, you will support and accelerate technology development to support and bring value to manufacturing processes.

Responsibilities/Main tasks

IoT Device Development and Integration:
• Design and develop IoT devices tailored for capturing data from manual production processes.
• Integrate IoT devices seamlessly into existing systems to facilitate smart automation.
• Utilize data obtained from IoT devices to get new insights from production processes.
• Create visualization to support users based on the acquired data.

Best Practices and Business Requirements:
• Define and establish best practices for the integration of current and future IT applications.
• Formulate business requirements to ensure seamless integration of data from newly deployed devices.

Support Flexible & Configurable Manufacturing Project activities:
• Contribute to the development and implementation of different positioning technologies such as UWB, Cameras, and RFID.
• Connect and integrate data in Proof of Concept (PoC) project to validate and refine concepts.
• Create business requirements based on findings from PoC.

MTM/MTS/LTS Network Support:
• Support the MTM/MTS/LTS network by actively participating in the development and execution of activities outlined in the RoadMap.
• Provide support to plants, ensuring the seamless integration of technology.
• Collaborate with teams to drive the adoption of Industry 4.0 principles in the technology integration process.