Product Development Project Manager

Posted 2 months ago by Cyrus Bandani
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Job Description

Product Development Release Management (+5 years) focuses on designing, communicating, and implementing an operational plan for successfully make software releases:

The focus and expectation of this position as a software release manager are e.g.:
– Managing and defining software release strategy and cadence
– Creating a release plan and make sure the plan is implemented
– Coordinate teams for assuring good software release quality
– Identify and describe opportunities for improving our release process and the quality of the releases.
– Have a good understanding of software configuration management
– Have a good understanding of the relation of software development and testing activities in the automotive industry.

Monitoring progress and performance against the project plan; taking action to resolve operational problems and minimize delays identifying, developing, and gathering the resources necessary to complete the software release may include preparing engineering standards, designs and work specifications.

Release Manager on Senior level applies advanced knowledge typically obtained through education and work experience (position typically requires +5 years relevant experience). Manage projects or subprojects with limited complexity within a program or portfolio, from initiation to completion. Working independently with limited supervision. Coaching and reviewing the work of lower level professionals. Problems faced are difficult and sometimes complex.