NVH Test Engineer – Propulsion Systems

Posted 3 weeks ago by Cyrus Bandani
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Job Description

Propulsion Systems team is part of Personal Centre department. Personal Centre has the responsibility to ensure that the attributes Driving Dynamics and Noise and Vibration and Solidity is supported in the vehicle programs, both in terms of customer and legal requirements, and in building next generation outstanding premium cars from Volvo and Polestar.

Propulsion systems have the responsibility for our attributes, for EM, ERAD/EFAD, and driveline and their integration in the vehicle. The team works integrated in all project phases, from AE to vehicle/engine production start, and with field and quality issues, contributing with analysis and guidelines to improve our attributes in our cars. We work with testing and analysis of e-motors, transmissions, drivelines, and their integration in the complete vehicle where the effect on car occupants is evaluated. We have extensive communication with other internal design areas and suppliers.

As NVH Test Engineer you will be a part of the team to develop the next generation of electric drive lines and vehicles. You need to be a communicative person who can adapt and communicate in terms best suited for the audience at hand, whether they be engineers, technicians, designers, or customers. You need to combine many viewpoints and take all input into account when delivering test results.
Main responsibilities
• Perform NVH vehicle and powertrain measurements and analysis on test track or in electric machine, EFAD, ERAD and vehicle test cells
• Instrument and prepare test objects with transducers
• Perform analysis of measured data and propose solutions and countermeasures
• Participate in implementation of solutions in the vehicle/driveline
• Participate in the development of improved or new methods and guidelines

Required qualifications
• University degree in the field of electronic engineering or acoustic engineering.
• Excellent English skills, verbally and in writing
• Documented experience from automotive engineering
• Good knowledge of powertrain sound quality
• Working knowledge about interior noise and vibration measurement with PAK, Head Acoustics and Head measurement systems.
• Basic understanding of noise regulations and standards.
Personal qualities
• Thorough and analytical. Both in terms of making correct judgments from measurements and when it comes to organizing a task and maintaining a schedule.
• Enjoy taking responsibility for many tasks at once.
• Proactive and teamwork oriented.
• Passion for quality and cars.
• Structured, accurate and used to summarize and present the status of your work.
• Ability to independently plan, manage and monitor your work towards a common goal.
• Strong verbal and writing communication skills.